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Best Tent With Screen Room To Keep You Away From Annoying Insects in 2023

In this review, we've listed the 7 best tents with a screen room in 2023. These are our ultimate choices from weeks of comprehensive testing and in-depth research.

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Best Camping Tent With Screen Room – Bored Adventurer’s Top 7 Picks

Top Pick & Best Overall Tent With Screen Room

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ CORE 11-Person Family Cabin Style Tent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Hey, fellow campers!

Welcome to my best tent with screen room review in 2023.

Do you want to know what made me love camping even more? Here is the thing.

When I first started camping, basic camping tents were the best you could do. I grew up with it and believed it was the best tent ever. Who could compete with such a good brand?

And then I ran into a tent with a screen room, and my whole life turned upside down. It passed all the tests brilliantly through the worst rain, snow, and scorching sun.

With ample space that fits your entire crew and the best chilling and sleeping screen area, you will be ready for the ultimate camping experience.

I’ve compiled top picks if you’re looking for a new, high-quality camping tent to last you for years. Our comprehensive testing and in-depth research showed that CORE 11-Person Family Cabin Style Tent with Screen Room is the ultimate #1, but there are good budget alternatives, as well, that will give you a great experience too.

Keep reading!

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Tent With Screen Room (Screened Porch)?

To truly experience camping, follow my tips for considering the key factors when buying a tent with a screen room.


If you’re a camping enthusiast, you’ll want to buy a durable tent that will last you for years.

There is no point in paying a few hundred dollars for one season.

So, the essence is a long-lasting tent where you will build many years of camping memories with your family and friends.

From personal experience, the intense sun, rain, wind, and wear and tear from transportation can negatively affect your tent.

But even beyond that, a silicone coating on a nylon tent will offer the best overall protection.

However, an acrylic coating can also be a good choice if cost is an issue, making it extra durable.


Good material is another quality you should look for in any tent miles into the wilderness.

A high-quality all-weather tent material such as all-aluminum poles and steel uprights mile can withstand the abuse as the tent is rubbed against sharp rocks and other jagged edges.

Simply put, they should create a solid barrier between you and the outside weather to have maximal protection from rain, snow, or insects.


If you have several children or love to organize gatherings for your friends, buy a spacious tent with a screen room where everyone can freely move, play and sleep without bumping into each other.

You’ll appreciate the extra space to roll around in and have plenty of room for kids, even pets.

Bear in mind that each manufacturer calculates sleeping capacity differently. To get an accurate comparison, you need to look at how many square inches of floor space the tent has (look carefully at all the product specifications I’ll write about).

Easy Setup

Setting up screen room tents is quick and easy, so my camping adventure usually starts in twenty minutes.

An adequately set tent will protect you against winds, rain, and other outdoor nuisances for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Instant setups are the best; however, expect to pay a bit more for such a benefit because, in a short time, you will have your tent ready much sooner than you imagined.

Doors, Walls, and Floors

Since you want maximum protection from the elements, intense sun, and pesky insects that love to be where people and food are, a good floor covering and large windows and doors that are well attached to the tent are the essential elements your tent should have.

Ready to start shopping for screened room tents? Check out our top picks from comprehensive testing and in-depth research below!

Best OverallCORE 11-Person Family Cabin Style Tent with Screen Room

Photo by CORE Equipment

➤ Capacity: 11 people

➤ Dimensions: 17 x 12 ft (204 x 144 in; 518 x 366 cm)

➤ Weight: 25 lb (11.3 kg)

If you have many friends or family who want to go camping, you can do so with this fantastic tent with a screen room.

This spacious and instant tent lets you sleep with 11 loved ones under the stars.

When camping with a lot of stuff to bring, this CORE 11-Person tent is big enough to accommodate even large families.

So, everything will depend on your equipment, but parents with 5-6 small children can freely camp in such an area.

Essential Features & Benefits You Get

➤ Cabin-type tent means almost vertical lines, high walls, and enormous windows. And with such a construction, it makes many volumes inside, making you feel at home, comfortably sitting or lying in bed, but with a more beautiful view.

➤ The dome tent with the shaped ceiling in the main room makes a little natural paradise, especially when you watch the sky and its magnificent scene on a starry summer night from the comfort of your camping tent.

➤ The windows and doors have zippered privacy panels that you can remove to reveal a mesh ceiling.

There is an electricity access port you can completely close when not used.

This tent is so compact that you can pack it into your rectangular carry bag easily and quickly, including the tent, removable rain fly with attached ropes, gear loft, and tent poles.

Considering its impressive size and steel pillars, it is an excellent self-transport.

It’s even expandable because, with a zipper, you can expand it by an extra 3.5 inches (9 cm), which is a big plus when you’re in a rush and need to pack your tent correctly.

Photo by CORE Equipment

Why Would You Love This Tent with a Screen Room?

Multipurpose: Enjoy this tent with a main room and extra room for any scenario: picnics, tailgates, painting, whenever and wherever!

Spacious: The net is everywhere, on the walls and ceiling, so the space seems even more significant. The 7-foot ceiling center height and flat wall design give the cabin-style tent a spacious interior, and the screened area creates a comfortable, relaxing room and a great sleeping area.

Efficient ventilation system – Thanks to the large mesh windows and doors with mesh and waterproof panels, the ventilation system is perfect, so you’ll have constant airflow, keeping your space fresh.

You can also choose to keep the tent near the floor, open or closed at all times. Overall, the lower air intakes draw in cool air from the ground, while the mesh ceiling allows warm air to escape, so the temperature is optimal for a pleasant stay.

Waterproof port cover – Safely power any gear or equipment inside the tent with its waterproof electrical cover that allows you to run electrical cables from outside the tent.

Rain or shine, you’ll be there camping thanks to the included rain- and water-resistant H20 Block Technology that combines water-repellent tent fabric with a fully taped rain fly and sealed and inverted seams to resist rain.

If it gets too stuffy or you want to see the stars, remove the rain to reveal the mesh ceiling.

Setup – It’s possible to set up this camping tent yourself in 20 minutes, but I recommend doing it with someone to avoid damaging the roof fiberglass poles. Installation is easy, as the stakes are color coded.

You start by nailing the floor space and adding the roof posts into their sleeves. After that, you raise the tent by adding vertical fiberglass poles for the main room and corner poles for the extra room. The same goes for the room with the screen, so hook it up and add the fly afterward.

If your needs aren’t that big or you have a smaller crew, I recommend a more affordable CORE 6-Person Tent With a Screen Room.

CORE 6-Person Tent With a Screen Room. Photo by CORE Equipment

Why Would You Not Love CORE 11 & CORE 6?

❌ The tent is not stand-alone on uneven terrain, sand, concrete, or rock. However, one of the good ideas is camping on a flat surface, in a meadow or forest.

❌ This is a 2-3 season tent, specifically a summer tent. So this means minimal fly, large windows, and a lot of mesh surfaces that don’t trap heat. Better choose sunny months for your family camping trips.

❌ It’s not the best instant tent because it doesn’t have a pre-assembled frame and permanently attached tent poles. Despite this, the self-setup of the entire tent will take just 20 minutes, a short time for a large tent.

❌ Although the construction of the tent appears to be resistant to high winds, usually, those over 40 mph can unexpectedly shake the tent or even pull out the tent stakes. I recommend going camping during the warmer season.

Invest & Chill: Gazelle Tents T4 Plus Hub Instant Tent

Photo by Gazelle Tents

Special Feature: Waterproof, Tall, UV Protection, Rain-fly

Occupancy: 8 Person

Product dimensions: 165″L x 94″W x 78″H

If you want an all-in-one, high-end tent with a screen room, the Gazelle T4 Plus Hub tent is for you!

So, as a fun outdoor lifestyle, you want the most comfortable space to live in, sleep in and feel you are not in the wilderness but at home in beautiful nature.

You can do everything you want in a roomy tent without bringing extra shelter. No one likes being in the crowd, so you won’t either.

Let’s say you plan to bring a large camping crew, and you know that there will be room for everyone. For these reasons, a Gazelle T4 plus Hub tent with a screen room is worth having on your camping checklist.

Something else, things such as mesh on the ceilings, window awnings, and hinged doors, are significant elements for stopping the bugs from where they belong – outside the tent. And I managed it very well.

Essential Features & Benefits You Get

➤ Its height of up to 78 inches makes it often the number #1 choice among buyers. Say you have a tall family member who can stand in the tent at its full height comfortably; you’ll be glad to have him as part of the crew.

➤ Durable and waterproof material – 100% polyester protects you from heavy rain so that you will stay completely dry. The information of water-resistant 210 deniers Oxford woven polyester material to 2000 mm and the 300 denier polyester floor material to 5000mm HH doesn’t mean a lot to you, but trust me, you will love the rain as you will have maximum protection.

➤ The incredible five mesh windows make this tent airy, spacious, and always cozy so you can feel right outside. Rain or snow, you can sit quietly, watch the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the sound of the rain.

The main entrance door plays a role as a vestibule – your tent’s screen porch that will protect you from the rain while you sleep in your tent or allows you to keep the tent “door” open to watch and enjoy the rain without getting soaked. This D-shaped door can also serve as an additional structure for easier entry and loading.

You can camp peacefully during storms with large rain flies as they protect you from the outside elements. Without it, there is no way to retain water and keep the contents dry.

Part of the whole camping experience is the journey to the campsite, which can be very comfortable with an oversized duffel bag that does packing and transporting easier. Compact things are the best, and this bag is just that.

➤ Upgraded All-Terrain Stakes and reflective guy lines make every campsite more accessible wherever you are. It’s easy to find a spot of land for pitching a massive tent that is perfectly flat and rock-free.

Photo by Gazelle Tents

Why Would You Love This Tent With Screen Room?

What a weatherproof tent! Just so you know, I enjoyed the sun, snow, rain, and even the wind! No matter the weather, my adventure starts immediately when I come to the campsite because I have a perfect all-weather tent!

✅ Up to eight can fit in simultaneously, move freely, prepare food, and sleep comfortably inside the tent and the screened-in porch. I sincerely appreciate this because it allows you to stand up inside. Although more expensive than others, you can significantly reduce your camping fees by using one tent instead of two because of its spacious sleeping area.

Multiple gear storage options (two canopy nets, three wall storage pouches, two large wall storage nets, and six additional smaller storage pouches perfect for phones and smaller items) allow you to carry much stuff without making a mess.

Why Would You Not Love This Tent?

❌ The screen room is a great extra space just for sitting and gear storage, with a fly above, but the walls are paneless, so you might see a few raindrops inside your tent. However, summer evenings are perfect for staying in this part of the tent.

❌ The bag is slightly larger, so it’s more challenging to fit in a standard car trunk, but you can solve the apparent lack of space by lowering the rear seat.

❌ It’s not easy to set up a tent yourself, but it is doable. You must add three poles to the front entry to support the door. A good idea would be to wrap it in some colored tape to separate it from the other two easily.

❌ An annoyance for older campers is the 12-inch fabric panel between the two rooms that you must step over whenever you go from one side of the tent to the other. Just move slowly to the other side so you don’t accidentally trip.

Best Budget Tent: Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Camping Tents with Screen Room

Photo by Wenzel Tents

Special feature: Water-resistant

Size: 192″L x 132″W x 78″H

Great for the outdoors, even if it’s rainy, you will take on camping anytime.

Why Would You Love This Tent with Screen Room?

Stay Comfortable: Full mesh roof and two mesh windows keep bugs out and let the breeze in so you can enjoy warm summer days while sitting comfortably in the spacious screen room and sipping your cocktail.

Water resistant: Polyester fabric and polyurethane waterproof coating do a great job of keeping moisture out. Also, superior water-repellency applications over all threads, zippers, and webbing enforce these critical areas. 

Built to last: Fiberglass roof frame with impact and steel uprights to provide stability in high winds.

Accessory Pockets: You can store all your small but essential items in easily accessible storage pockets sewn into the tent walls.

Spacious: The Klondike has room for queen-size air mattresses and plenty of space around it. A whopping 6.5 feet of headroom allows you to stand straight in the tent.

Hi-Low Ventilation: A vent at the back of the tent and mesh openings at the top provide hi-low air circulation to keep your tent cool and increase airflow.

Screened porch: A sizeable front screen awning provides a “camping porch” with sun and weather protection to make your camping experience unique. You can also use the attached screen room as a sun shelter, a picnic room, a gear room, or a room to relax in.

Why Would You Not Love This Tent?

❌ In case of heavy rain, mine will leak. It would be best to allow 24 hours for the seam glue to harden and prevent leakage.

❌ The front entry zipper is below the standard design, but if you close the bottom one first and then the last one, it seems to be just fine.

Best Family Tent: CORE Lighted Instant Tent With Screen Room

Photo by CORE Equipment

Capacity: 10 people

Size: ‎49 in x 16 in x 11.5″

If you want to stand up in your tent, have privacy screens, and be comfy while waiting out a rainstorm, get a big tent such as the CORE Instant Tent with LED Lights for family camping.

This product will brighten all outdoor adventures in the yard or the mountain.

Famous for its LED lights, it will make your evenings memorable.

Let’s dive into the details and show why your family will always have an unforgettable camping experience in this tent.

Photo by CORE Equipment

Why Would You Love This Tent With Screen Room?

Built-in led lighting: Core manufacturers built modern integrated LED lights into the ceiling poles with three levels of evenly distributed lighting: high, low, and night light so that you will have lightly adapted to the current situation anytime.

Instant setup: You will set up the tent in two minutes, as the tent body has pre-attached poles. You can do it independently, and the camping adventure can begin as soon as you’re done.

Weather protection: A leaky tent can be a real challenge when you want a good night’s sleep. The CORE Instant Tent with LED Lights solved this problem by ensuring your camping trip with H20 Block technology combining water-repellent fabrics with a fully taped rain layer and taped seems to keep the rain out.

I once ended up in a huge thunderstorm and got stuck in the rain for hours, and we stayed 100% dry! I brought a board game from home, turned on the LED lights, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Worth the purchase!!

Adjustable ventilation: Bottom air intakes draw in cold air from the ground, so even when it’s snowing, you’ll stay warm, while the mesh ceiling allows warm air to escape to keep your space ventilated and always fresh.

Screen room: The entire experience is hanging out in the screen room as it creates a comfortable space for sitting, playing games, dining, or grilling. You can use it to create two rooms, ideal for a large family. While you are preparing food in the main room, your kids can play and have their freedom in the screen room. Also, if you have a dog, place a bed for dogs as there is enough space.

Internal organization: From now on, you can store smaller items in the multiple storage pockets to see where your things are and avoid clutter.

What’s in the bag: It has everything you need for camping trips. Includes tent with pre-attached poles, rain covers with attached sheets, screen room divider, battery compartment (4D batteries not included), and tent stakes. In a word – everything!

Why Would You Not Love This Tent?

❌ Part of the screen tent has no removable floor, so insects can enter. But you can put an additional underlay for the nylon floor, and you will avoid the inconvenience.

They generally lack withstanding heavy wind. But still, it’s excellent against the rain.

Best For Large Groups: 12-Person Skylodge Cabin Tent

Photo by Coleman

Occupancy: 12 persons

Tent floor area: 15.5 ft x 11 ft x 7 ft

Skylodge Cabin Tent gives you the convenience of vast cabin tents and a screen room in one bag. Great for large groups, it will be a favorite for your friends. An ample space in one tent makes you feel so comfortable that your camping adventure can last weeks and weeks.

Let me tell you why it is great for making memorable camping moments.

Why Would You Love This Tent With Screen Room?

Spacious – Comfortable accommodation that can fit even four double beds provides a luxurious sleeping area. You and your friend adventurers will have plenty of room to play your favorite board games, rest when you need alone time and sleep like babies at night. Also, you can have peace and carry out your activities in such a spacious tent.

Easy setup – Following simple instructions, you’ll set up the tent yourself in no time. The color-coded interior pockets make setup and organization quick and painless. All poles are color coded for easy placement, and the rain fly is an unusual shape, so there is no confusion about which way to place it.

Waterproof – If a storm comes, you can settle into your cozy tent and enjoy reading a book in peace, knowing that your rain and windproof tent can handle Mother Nature’s spill, no matter how big. To things get better, rain flies with large awnings will provide optimal weather protection. Adding a waterproof spray coating to your tent never hurts if it gets windy.

The screened-in porch – The screened porch area is undoubtedly one of the best camping moments in the screen room, where you will be happy to spend time and enjoy the outdoors without getting bitten by bugs! The high ceiling and screen room offer extra space.

Large windows and doors – If you want to enjoy the view of natural beauty from your tent, Skylodge cabin tents will give you that pleasure with large windows and a hinged door. As its name suggests, you will observe the sky, both day and night, whether the weather is sunny, rainy, or snowy.

Floor with welded corners and inverted sealed seams – You will be safe during a storm because the floor prevents water from entering the tent. You’ll be dry even if it seems like a cloudburst.

E-port – Provides simple, easy access to electricity, so you will do it easily when you prepare your favorite dish.

Expandable carry bag for easy packing and transport – The box with a tent with a screen and its bag you get when you buy the tent doesn’t look that big, and when you open it and see the vast tent, its size will impress you. Pile items on top of each other or store them in the tent’s different compartments. Don’t let things touch the tent walls; condensation can accumulate on cool nights and dampen items.

Why Would You Not Love This Tent?

❌ Cabin tents can make installing a rainfly a little more complicated. But since you usually go camping with a larger group, someone will always be there to help you.

Best SUV Tent With Screen Room: Napier Outdoors Family Camping Tent Sportz SUV Tent

Photo by Napier Outdoors

Occupancy: 6 Person

Dimensions: 32″L x 15″W x 15″H

Seasons: 3 Season

Wherever your adventure takes you, the Sportz SUV Tent quickly transforms your car into a safe and comfortable home.

From exploring uncharted trails to family nights in the backyard, the comfortable Sportz Air Mattress is the perfect camping accessory.

Forget about unpacking; the tent vehicle cover connects you to your gear, meaning more space for everything.

Sit under your retractable awning to sip your morning coffee with a view of nature, or enjoy under the stars every evening.

Why Would You Like This Tent With Screen Room?

✅ Stretch out and enjoy the spacious 9’x9′ ground tent with 7′ headroom. Whether sitting, lying down, cooking, or hanging out with the crew, you can relax in the roomy tent. Two large entrance doors and three no-see-um mesh windows make your tent roomy with a beautiful view.

✅ Adjustable waterproof vehicle cover designed to accommodate all hatchback cars and SUVs. If you even have a smaller car, you will have plenty of space when you attach the tent. Remove the vehicle cover to transform it into the traditional tent. You must connect the cover to your vehicle to turn the cargo area into a sleeping area.

✅ The bathtub-style floor and premium GoBe Dry rain protection system ensure you don’t get wet, making this tent waterproof.

✅ Made of high-quality polyester taffeta with polyethylene floor and steel poles to ensure your tent lasts through the year.

✅ Setup: Hub & fiberglass tent pole combo make the 10-minute set-up a breeze.

✅ A cyclone ventilation system and two skylights for superior ventilation will make an airy and fresh space at any moment.

✅ Includes an expandable carry bag making transport to the campsite easy. Besides, it’s great for storage because there are two inside gear pockets for storing items. Don’t worry about packing a pump or locating an outlet to inflate your mattress; the built-in hand pump allows you to place it anywhere.

Why Would You Not Love This Tent?

❌ Some pole clips to hold the screen to the pole can be loose, especially in windy conditions. But I highly recommend it in the summer.

❌ The tent is noisy in windy conditions as there are not enough rope anchors, and the wind seems to grab and rattle the tent. To motivate you, I know people who have been organizing picnics in this tent for years.

Tent Worth Mentioning: Coleman Cabin Tent With a Weatherproof Screen Room

Photo by Coleman

Special feature: Rainfly

Occupancy: six-person

Product dimensions: 26″L x 11.75″W x 11.75″H

If you are looking for a master camping shelter in the rain, snow, sun, or wind, you should consider no less than the Coleman Cabin tent with a weatherproof screen room. I even recommend this budget tent with screened room more than the Coleman dome tent because it’s more spacious.

I took my family camping for the first time a few years ago. However, the rain greeted us as soon as we arrived. Circumstances like these can and will happen, so it’s essential to do your due diligence in researching the best solutions.

Despite the rain, I knew my kids would have an unforgettable camping experience just because I provided my family with a waterproof tent.

Even though we weren’t outside much, we had so much fun inside. We played cards, enjoyed cooking delicious food, and slept in a dry, warm tent with the soothing sound of rain.

Essential Features & Benefits You Get

➤ Leak-proof sealed seams: Fully taped rain-sealed inverted seams protect the doors and windows from the heaviest rain so well that no rain will enter your tent.

➤ Waterproof floors: It’s no fun to wake up to a giant puddle on the tent floor! The feeling of comfort while sitting in a tent while it’s raining heavily outside is priceless, thanks to the welding technology that strengthens the tent floor and eliminates holes. So, this not-ordinary tent has Coleman’s WeatherTec System with patented welded floors and inverted seams that ensure your tent is rainproof.

➤ Zipper protection: Even if you think it won’t rain during camping, pack as it will pour! Rainstorms can come very quickly in the mountains and beaches too. For extra protection, you’ll have a cuff with a zipper on the hinged door that provides additional protection from the outside elements to ensure you stay completely dry and safe.

➤ High-wind frame: A stronger wind-responsive frame using redesigned poles and triangles gives you the feeling of not even feeling the wind while you enjoy your tent and drink your favorite drink. That’s not surprising considering it can handle 35+ MPH winds, and talking from my personal experience, that made me feel safer than ever.

➤ Efficient carrying bag for portability and storage – Storage space is a crucial puzzle piece. You are lucky because you get a bag for stakes and fiberglass poles and sewed simple instructions for easy transport wherever your camping destination is.

➤ Great price: This is the cheapest tent on my list, but make sure not all tents with a lower budget are such great as Coleman’s.

Why Would You Love This Tent With a Screen Room?

It’s a super tall tent with enough center height for even the tallest of your camping crew to stand upright and quickly move around comfortably. And the feeling of doing whatever you want in a spacious and stand-alone tent with vertical walls and an extra-high ceiling makes the whole camping experience priceless.

The screened-in vestibule allows you to enjoy the fresh air with friends and family away from bugs and prevents dirt from entering so you can stay in a clean space. Adds up to 35% more space than comparable 6-person dome tents. There is also an optional front cover to protect against wind and rain.

Ten-minute set-up – You can easily set up and unfold the tent in 10 minutes thanks to the 3-pole design and color-coded continuous pole sleeves. With such a practical feature, you can set up the tent in just a few simple steps.

Corner windows let air in, but not rain. Not only will you stay in a dry and warm tent, but you will be able to watch the rain calmly through the window, knowing that you are safe.

Incredible mesh ceiling – Rest assured that the interior space of your tent will always be fresh as the mesh ceiling allows for sufficient airflow. Whether summer or winter, the mesh roof will provide amazing sky views – the starry sky in summer or the magical snowfall during the holidays.

A convenient electrical access port connects the cable from the tent device to an external power source. Even though it’s only on one side of the tent, it will be helpful when preparing a meal.

Coleman cabin camping tent with a weatherproof screen room – Bored Adventurer

Why Would You Not Love This Tent?

❌ This Coleman tent weighs too much for backpacking and has quite a sizeable packed size, making it difficult to fit in a backpack.

❌ One of the annoying things about this tent is that one of the corners can leak; it comes from the corner seam where the tent material meets the tub-like material. But you can solve this by placing a substrate like a plastic bag.

The Best Tents With Screen Rooms – Final Conclusion

With a good screen room tent recommendation from my checklist, it’s time to start your camping adventure.

As you might expect, a CORE 11-Person Tent with a Screen Room is more of a luxury than anything. This outstanding quality/price ratio product will protect you from rain, wind, sun, and insects while peacefully enjoying a great time on the screened porch.

Likewise, camping in nature with the family will give you the perfect moments with CORE Instant 10-person Tent with LED Lights.

Besides, an ideal tent, such as a high-budget Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent, will satisfy all your needs in one place.

Even though all the tents have some great and unique features, decide which one and how much you will be using the specific tent. And how light, durable, and weatherproof you need it to be. Then pick one of the best tents that fit your needs and budget.

And after you get your lovely tent, read our article and learn how to waterproof it in 7 simple steps.

Happy shopping, and enjoy camping!

If you’ve found this post helpful, please share it with your friends or drop us a comment. Thank you.


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