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We're Anja & Alex, a couple of outdoor enthusiasts behind Bored Adventurer, and we love camping, backpacking, and road-tripping.
Anja and Aleksandar are founders of Bored Adventurer, an outdoor website focused on camping. Here, you will find our in-depth camping guides and super comprehensive camping reviews.

Bored Adventurer is your piece of the web for all things camping.

Our goal is to make camping easier, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone. We hope to inspire you to spend more time in nature and awaken the desire to explore the outdoors through comprehensive camping guides and in-depth gear reviews.

As online entrepreneurs and freelancers, we’re able to work remotely. It allows us to spend time outdoors, camping, hiking, traveling, exploring, and experiencing splendid adventures.

To be fully prepared for it, we spend a lot of time and money scouting the best products and brands on the market. You will find us researching and exploring the web for valuable resources and feedback when we’re not outdoors. We spend long hours collecting data, visiting shops, and gathering the best information.

During the last ten years, through extensive research and obsession with gear and equipment, we gained so much knowledge about the topic and decided to share it with you and save you money and time by selecting the best of the best.

Content Creation

Due to financial and technical reasons, we cannot personally buy and test some of the equipment we recommend on the site. We try to make up for it through months of detailed research and gathering information, data, and essential feedback.

We have a final touch when it comes to publishing. We edit all the content on our website. We write 90% of all content with occasional collaborations with trustworthy outdoor writers and experts we have carefully chosen.

We aim to provide you with the best possible advice you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Contact Us

If you think the topic of interest isn’t covered or have questions, feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to get back to you in 2 business days.

How You Can Support Bored Adventurer

Spend time on our website. By doing so, you are supporting us and our lifestyle. It’s that simple. Keep clicking and exploring, and we’ll continue to add meaningful content to the site. Thank you for visiting; it makes it all worthwhile.

Comment on posts that you enjoy. Not only do we love to hear your feedback, but commenting engages other readers and helps our website, especially in the long run.

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What To Do Now?

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We wish you a lot of adventures,

Anja, Alex & Kalin, the founders of Bored Adventurer.

Anja, Alex and Kalin - founders of Bored Adventurer