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12 Simple Ways To Make Insanely Good Coffee While Camping

In this blog post, you'll learn valuable tips and advice on making the perfect coffee while camping in 12 simple ways.

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How to make coffee while camping in 12 super simple ways.

Camping is the best experience you can have in nature, and what better way to enjoy it than with a cup of coffee? Apart from the well-known taste, it can help lift your mood and provide energy for the day. 

But do you know how to make coffee while camping? If you are unfamiliar, we’ll explain the various tools and recipes you can use to craft the perfect cup of coffee. 

From the best coffee beans to grind and the best brewing techniques, we’ll discuss how to make camping coffee without sacrificing flavor or quality.

We’ll review the best brewing methods to ensure your camping coffee is up to par.

The perfect cup of camping coffee is just a few steps away! So grab your favorite mug and camping gear, and let’s get brewing!

What Do You Need To Brew a Coffee?

Although making camp coffee seems like it takes a lot of time and requires a backpack full of coffee-only supplies, you only need a few things no matter what kind of coffee you want.

To brew a cup of coffee, you will usually need to:

1. Bring the right equipment: You’ll need a camp stove or a camping fire and a good coffee maker, such as a camping coffee pot, a French press coffee, an Aeropress, etc.

2. Choose the proper coffee: Choose a quality, freshly roasted coffee according to your taste

3. Pre-ground coffee: Ground your coffee at home so it’s as fresh as possible when you arrive at your destination

4. Heat the water: Heat it to boiling, then let it cool for a few minutes

5. Use filtered water: Filtered water is of better quality, so that can affect the better taste of coffee

6. Make the coffee: Make the coffee in the right coffee maker according to the instructions.

Once you have everything you need, the cooking process can begin. 

We will introduce you to different coffee-making methods and different coffee makers, then how to make coffee while camping.

Of course, that doesn’t have to mean for everyone, so read on and consider for yourself.

1. Coffee in a Bag

Photo by freshoffthegrid.com

Coffee in a bag or filter coffee is a simple camping method of brewing coffee that allows you to take your coffee wherever you go. It’s great for making a single coffee cup and eliminates the need for an expensive manual coffee grinder.

How to prepare filter camp coffee?

  1. Put 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the coffee filter
  2. Place the filter in a mug or coffee dripper
  3. Boil water in a pot
  4. Pour hot water into a mug
  5. Leave the coffee to stand for a few minutes
  6. Remove the filter and discard
  7. Add desired flavors or sweeteners
  8. Enjoy fantastic coffee!

Wait a few minutes for the coffee to steep, usually depending on the desired strength and taste, and the enjoyment can begin.

Extra tip: No particular type of coffee goes with coffee in a bag. You could go with a light-roast blend, a dark-roast blend, or even a flavored coffee to add extra flavor.

Coffee in a bag provides an easy way to enjoy coffee without measuring beans or using a coffee machine.Coffee in a bag hasn’t the same freshness as freshly ground coffee beans because it has already been ground and packaged.
Various flavors of coffee pods are available.It is often made from lower-quality beans, so the taste is not as good as freshly ground coffee.
Coffee in a bag is usually cheaper than pre-ground coffee.There are limited flavors available in bagged coffee, so you may not find a flavor that suits you.

2. AeroPress Coffee Maker

Photo by aeropress.co.uk

Making a delicious cup of fresh coffee while camping is super easy with one of the best camp coffee makers – AeroPress Coffee Maker. It’s a cylindrical device that uses a combination of air pressure and manual press to extract the maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee grounds.

How to prepare camp coffee with AeroPress Coffee Maker?

  1. Prepare medium fine-ground coffee.
  2. Add a spoon of coffee grounds coffee to the AeroPress
  3. Boil the water and cool it before pouring it over the sediment.
  4. Place a filter into the AeroPress filter cap and attach the lid to the AeroPress chamber.
  5. Place the AeroPress on the mug and slowly press the plunger until it hisses.
  6. When you squeeze out the water, remove the AeroPress from the cup and throw away the sediment.
  7. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

You can make this coffee in less than a minute, which is especially helpful if you need more time for complicated brewing methods.

Extra tip: You can make any coffee with the AeroPress coffee maker and experiment with adding specific flavors to create your perfect cup.

It is effortless and clean, and you can use it anywhere.There are better choices than AeroPress for making large quantities of coffee.
AeroPress can brew a coffee in just a few minutes.It is mainly limited to making espresso and American-style coffee.
The AeroPress is small and compact, making it easy to carry anywhere.Although AeroPress can make espresso, it cannot make a cappuccino or latte.
Compared to many other coffee makers, AeroPress is relatively inexpensive.It can only make one cup of coffee at a time.

3. Camping French Press

Photo by kuechenbook.de

A camping French Press is a great way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage while on the go.

It is a portable good coffee maker that lets you make camping coffee. It’s easy to clean and takes up a tiny space in your pack.

It works efficiently by soaking the coffee grounds in hot water for a few minutes and pressing the plunger to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee.

How to prepare camping coffee with French Press?

  1. Start by gathering everything you need for the French camping press: coarse-ground coffee, a pot for boiling water, a spoon, a metal filter, and a thermometer.
  2. Place the metal filter inside the French press.
  3. Measure 1 to 2 tablespoons of coarse-ground coffee into the French press
  4. Boil 1 cup of water in the pot
  5. Once the water reaches a rolling boil, remove it from the heat and let it cool for 1 minute.
  6. A single serving pours over into the French press and fills it to the top
  7. Place the plunger lid onto the press
  8. Allow the coffee to brew for 4-5 minutes
  9. Press the plunger down until it reaches the bottom of the French press
  10. Enjoy your French press camp coffee!

You can make delicious coffee in the French press in just a few steps, resulting in a cup of delicious and quickly made coffee.

Extra tip: Dark roast coffee is best for a French press, so consider whether this coffee maker suits you.

Fast and easy to useIt is necessary to clean and dispose of the residue after each use
Portable and lightweightNot so durable
AffordableIt is not as efficient in terms of flavor extraction.

4. Stovetop Percolator

Photo by adventure-journal.com

A stovetop percolator is a great camping coffee maker that uses a heat source to boil water and produces a strong, full-flavored coffee. 

The percolator forces hot water up through a tube into a basket filled with coffee grounds. The hot water then percolates through the grounds and drips back into the pot.

How to prepare stovetop percolator coffee?

  1. Fill the percolator with cold, filtered water.
  2. Fill the percolator with freshly ground coffee as much as you want to make a cup of coffee. You should use about two tablespoons of ground coffee per cup.
  3. Place the percolator on the stove over medium heat.
  4. When the coffee brew, reduce the heat to low
  5. After boiling, carefully remove the percolator and pour the coffee into the cup.
  6. Add cream, sugar, or other flavorings to your coffee. Enjoy percolator coffee!

The percolator forces water up through a tube into a basket filled with coffee grounds. The hot water then percolates through the grounds and drips back into the pot, creating a rich coffee.

Extra tip: They are compatible with most coffee grinds, including coarse, medium, and fine. For the best results, use a medium-coarse grind.

Easy to useIt requires constant monitoring during cooking
It can make large quantities of coffeeIt requires careful measurement of coffee grounds and water
Quick cooking time, usually less than 5 minutesCoffee can be too strong if brewed for too long
It can also be used to make herbal teasIt can be more challenging to clean than other camp coffee makers.

5. Moka Pot

Photo by grosche.ca

The Moka pot is a traditional Italian stovetop espresso maker that uses steam pressure to brew camp coffee. It’s one of the most popular methods of making espresso today. 

The Moka pot contains three parts: the top chamber, which has the coffee grounds; the middle section, which holds the boiling water; and the bottom room, which collects the brewed coffee. 

You’ll have a delicious cup of espresso in a few minutes!

How to prepare camp coffee with a Moka pot?

  1. Fill the lower chamber of the Moka pot with cold water up to the safety valve.
  2. Place the filter in the lower section.
  3. Fill the funnel with ground coffee.
  4. Place the upper area of the Moka pot on the lower section and tighten the lid.
  5. Place the Moka pot on the stove and brew the coffee on medium heat.
  6. When the water boils, steam rises and fills the upper chamber with coffee.
  7. Carefully remove the Moka pot from the stove, pour the coffee into the cups, and enjoy.
  8. They are usually small and lightweight, which makes them perfect for taking on the go. 

Extra tip: The Moka pot is used initially to make espresso-like coffee. If you enjoy this coffee, you know what to bring on camping trips.

Easy to useLimited capacity as they usually only make one or two cups of coffee at a time
Fast cooking timeLimited control as they don’t offer much in the way of control over the taste of the coffee
Compact sizeMoka pots can be more expensive than other coffee brewing methods.

6. Portable Espresso Maker

Photo by cntraveler.com

A portable espresso pot is a small, handheld coffee maker that allows you to make espresso on the go. These devices pump to pressure and extract the espresso from the pre-ground coffee beans.

Some models require preheated water, while others have a heating element, so the water heats up quickly.

How to prepare camping coffee with a portable espresso maker?

  1. Fill your espresso machine with cold, filtered water
  2. Measure the desired amount of espresso grounds and place them in the filter basket of your espresso machine.
  3. Make sure you attach the filter basket properly.
  4. Place the espresso machine on the stove and cook on medium-high heat.
  5. Allow the espresso to brew for 3-4 minutes or until it forms a rich cream on the surface.
  6. Pour the espresso into your favorite cup. Enjoy coffee outdoors!

They use pressure to force boiling water through a bed of finely ground coffee. It creates an espresso-like beverage.

They are perfect for people who are always on the go and need a quick caffeine fix. Both methods are dominant for making espresso at home and can please any espresso lover.

Small and light, making them perfect for the outdoorsThe taste varies depending on the type of coffee used
Easy to use
Size and design may limit the number of coffee drinks.
More affordable than traditional espresso machinesIt requires more cleaning and maintenance.

7. Insulated Coffee Mugs

The Insulated coffee mugs may keep your drinks hot or cold for extended periods. They are usually double-walled stainless steel and have a vacuum between the walls to prevent heat transfer. So, even with hot or cold coffee, you will enjoy your cup.

These mugs come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

How to prepare camp coffee in the insulated coffee mugs?

  1. Start by washing the cups with warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, then dry with a clean, dry cloth
  2. Heat the mugs with boiling water and let them sit for at least one minute
  3. Place a layer of insulation inside each cup, say a layer of aluminum foil
  4. Fill each cup with your favorite hot drink and enjoy.

If desired, add some cream, sugar, or other flavorings. Finally, sip your brewed coffee in the insulated mug, keeping it hot for longer.

Extra tip: The type of coffee thermos that goes best with an insulated coffee mug is medium to dark roast. This roast has a richer flavor that stands up best to the temperature stability of an insulated mug.

Coffee stays warmer for longerIt can be significant and challenging to store
Spill-resistant designIt can be expensive.
Some have additional features, such as a dust cover.It cannot be easy to clean.
Environmentally acceptableThey are not very microwave-safe.

8. Cowboy Coffee 

Photo by treehugger.com

Cowboy coffee is convenient for making coffee without a machine or filter. You make cowboy coffee by bringing cold water to a boil and adding ground coffee to the boiling water.

You can serve it in a pot or a cup, and it’s a great camping drink that can give you an extra energy source.

How to prepare camp cowboy coffee?

  1. Pour water into a pot or kettle and boil.
  2. When the water boils, turn off the heat and add 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee.
  3. Stir the mixture and let the coffee stand for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Remove the pot of steeped coffee from the heat and cool for a few minutes.
  5. Finally, pour the coffee through a strainer or filter to remove the grounds, and enjoy!

Extra tip: You can drink this specific black coffee as it is or add cream or sugar.

It’s easy to makeIt can be not very pleasant if too much ground is used
No need for fancy equipmentIt is more difficult to clean the residue from the pot after cooking
CheapGrinding coffee beans can take longer
Rich tasteIt can be not easy to get a consistent grind size

9. Submersible Filter Coffee

Photo by fosburit.com

The submersible filter coffee is a brewing method that uses a filter basket submerged in hot water. As the water passes through the grounds, the flavor and aroma of the coffee are extracted. You can make a delicious cup of fresh coffee in no time.

How to prepare submersible filter camping coffee?

  1. Start by filling the submersible filter with coffee grounds.
  2. Fill the filter with water and stir the ground with a spoon until something fully dissolves all the grounds.
  3. Place the filter in the mug and wait for the water to drip for about five minutes.
  4. Remove the filter and drink coffee!

Extra tip: For a creamier coffee, adding a bit of cream or milk to the mug before pouring the coffee can enhance the flavor.

Easy to use and maintainIt can be expensive
The fast and efficient brewing processIt can be noise
Compact and space-savingIt can be challenging to clean
Great for making one cup of coffeeIt can’t produce large quantities of coffee at once

10. Coffee Sock

Photo by ineedcoffee.com

The Coffee Sock is an all-natural, reusable coffee filter made from organic cotton. It fits most pour-over camp coffee makers and reusable metal filters and can be used to create a variety of coffees, including espresso, French press, and drip. 

Coffee Sock filters are highly absorbent, allowing all-natural coffee flavors and oils to pass through.

They are also more environmentally friendly than paper filters, as they can be reused multiple times and don’t require disposal.

How to prepare camp coffee in coffee sock filters?

  1. Gather your supplies: a large mug, a coffee sock, grounds, and hot water
  2. Place the coffee sock in the mug and add 1–2 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee
  3. Slowly pour the hot water over the grounds and sock, filling the mug
  4. Let the coffee steep for 3–5 minutes
  5. Remove the sock and discard the grounds
  6. Enjoy your cup of brewed coffee.

Coffee Sock is the most enjoyable with light to medium roast coffee.

An affordable and easy way to make fresh coffeeNot that strong coffee
Made of natural fibers, so they are environmentally friendly.You can hardly find them in coffee shops, so you must buy them online.
Very easy to use.It is less efficient than other methods of brewing coffee, such as an espresso machine or French press.
You can use them to make various coffee drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes.It can’t make a large amount of coffee at once.

11. Coffee Brew Bags

Photo by freshoffthegrid.com

The Brew bags are filters that keep instant coffee grounds from entering the finished product. 

Coffee bags are pre-measured, single-serve bags of freshly ground coffee used in a pour-over coffee maker. 

The bags blend freshly ground, medium-roasted coffee and must be steeped in hot water for a few minutes to create a smooth coffee hot cup. 

Coffee bags are becoming increasingly popular among coffee drinkers due to their convenience and consistent taste.

Brew bags are an easy and convenient way to make coffee while camping without a traditional brewing machine. They are great for making a single cup of coffee in a few simple steps.

How to prepare camp coffee in coffee brew bags?

  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil and remove it from the heat
  2. Place the brew bag in a mug and pour the boiling water over it
  3. Allow the bag to steep for 5 minutes
  4. Carefully remove the bag and discard it
  5. Add sugar, milk, or cream as desired
  6. Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

You can place them directly into a pot or cup, and the liquid can be poured through the bag, allowing the flavors and aromas to be extracted while keeping the grounds and leaves in the bag.

Extra tip: Add milk, cream, or sugar to taste and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee!

Convenient and easy to useThe coffee may have a weaker taste
They are quick to makeIt can be more challenging to clean than other traditional methods
A cheap way to make coffee while campingBrew bags can be messy to use
A great option if you don’t have access to a coffee makerDon’t always taste as good as fresh ground coffee

12. Instant Coffee

Photo by fieldmag.com

Instant coffee is a type of coffee made from pre-brewed coffee granules or powder. You can enjoy hot or cold instant coffee.

It’s a great option if you don’t want to spend more time cooking. You can add instant coffee to cakes and other desserts to give them extra flavor.

Instant coffee is a good choice for camping because it is light, easy to transport and prepare, and requires no additional kitchen equipment. 

Unlike traditionally brewed coffee, instant coffee doesn’t need other filters, grinders, or teapots.

How to prepare instant coffee?

  1. Bring the water to a boil
  2. Remove the water from the heat and let it cool for a minute
  3. Measure 1 teaspoon of instant coffee into a cup
  4. Pour hot water into the cup, stir until the coffee dissolves completely, and enjoy your instant coffee!


How to make coffee while camping in a tent?

1. Bring a small camping stove and a pot to heat water. Once the water is heated, add it to your coffee grounds in a French press, pour-over, or drip coffee maker.

2. Bring a French press and add your ground coffee to the press. Boil water, let it cool for a minute, and pour it over the coffee grounds. Let it steep for a few minutes, and press the plunger to separate the grounds.

3. Bring a pour-over cone and filter, and add your ground coffee to the cone. Boil water, let it cool for a minute, and pour it over the coffee grounds. The coffee will drip through the filter into your cup or carafe.

4. You can use instant coffee if you want to keep it simple and don’t want to carry any extra gear. Bring a small container with instant coffee, add hot water, and you are ready.

How to make coffee while camping without electricity?

1. You can make coffee on a campfire by using a percolator. A percolator is a coffee pot that uses the heat from the campfire to brew coffee. Add water and coffee grounds to the percolator and place it over the campfire.

2. You can use a French press to make coffee by bringing a small camping stove or a gas stove to heat water. Once the water is heated, add it to your coffee grounds in the French press, let it steep for a few minutes, and press the plunger to separate the beds.

3. You can use instant coffee if you want to keep it simple and don’t want to carry any extra gear. Bring a small container with instant coffee, add hot water, and you are ready.

How to make coffee while camping without a fire?

1. Add ground coffee and hot water to the handheld coffee press, let it steep for a few minutes, and then press the plunger to separate the grounds.

2. Use a pour-over coffee filter and cone to make coffee without a fire or electricity. Boil water using a camping stove or camping gas stove and let it cool for a minute. Add ground coffee to the filter cone and pour the hot water over it. The coffee will drip through the filter into your cup or carafe.

4. Use instant coffee if you want to keep it simple and not carry any extra gear. Bring a small container with instant coffee, add hot water, and you are ready.

It’s Time To Make Camping Coffee!

By reading this article, you know how to make incredible camping coffee for the full experience. It’s time to equip yourself with an adequate camping coffee maker and travel to one of your favorite campsites.

If coffee is your ultimate morning routine, you’ll want to check our super delicious camping breakfast recipes to complete your perfect camping daybreak.

If you’re wondering what else to bring, check out our complete car camping checklist and prepare like a pro for the next camping trip!

What do you think about this article? Feel free to write your thoughts, experience, and some fun stories in the comments. We would like to hear from you! Thank you

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