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99+ Road Trip Essentials & Helpful Tips You Need To Know Before Your Next Adventure

In this blog post, you will learn what you should include in your road trip essentials list and super helpful tips for epic road-tripping.

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In this blog post, you will learn what you should include in your road trip essentials list and super helpful tips for epic road-tripping.

Anja and I have been traveling the roads for over a decade and have experienced all sorts of adventures, from the scenic routes along the coast to the challenging terrains of the mountains.

Like all seasoned travelers, we made our fair share of mistakes – forgotten items, ill-prepared clothing, and many wrong turns. But never let those missteps hold us back from exploring the world.

Instead, we’ve used that experiences to help make road trips more memorable and enjoyable.

That’s why we’ve decided to share our knowledge with you.

After all, road trips aren’t just about getting from point A to point B. It’s about the journey, sights, sounds, and memories you create along the way.

So, with over 10 years of road-tripping under our belts, Anja and I have created this comprehensive road-trip packing list. It’s packed with tips and recommendations we’ve learned in the last couple of years camping, road-tripping, and backpacking.

We’ve covered you, from the best clothing to pack to the must-have electronics and gadgets. We want to help you avoid the same mistakes we made and ensure you have a successful road trip and an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or a weekend getaway, this road trip packing list will help ensure you have everything you need for a fantastic journey.

So, buckle up and get ready to hit the open road with us!

10 Road Trip Tips & Hacks For Carefree Journey

We’ve experienced many good and bad situations along the road and learned multiple valuable lessons.

Here are the 10 crucial tips we can offer from our 10-year experience.

  1. Have Your Vehicle Serviced Before Departing

Before embarking on a road trip with your vehicle, ensure it’s in excellent condition. Take it to a trustworthy mechanic or perform a self-inspection to check for any potential issues that might worsen in the future.

  1. Download Google’s Offline Maps

Driving in unknown regions can result in poor cell service, rendering your phone’s navigation unusable. However, downloading offline maps ahead of time can solve this issue.

  1. Use a Dashboard Cell Phone Holder

Cell phones play a vital role in navigation, entertainment, and trip planning during a road trip. Mounting your phone on your dashboard makes it accessible, convenient, and safer for maps, music, and podcasts.

  1. Pack the Right Repair Accessories

Having roadside assistance is great, but remember to pack the road trip car essentials/tools to get you back on track if your vehicle fails in a remote area.

  1. Use AllStays to Plan Your Trip on the Go

Allstays offers extensive and helpful information for road trips, including locations of campgrounds, hotels, truck stops, rest areas, and Walmart parking lots that permit overnight parking.

With an Allstays Pro membership, you’ll have unlimited access to highly detailed maps, information on land ownership (public or private), trail maps, potential road hazards, and more.

  1. Bring Your Camping Gear

Hotel stays every night can become monotonous and costly. Pack your camping equipment to add adventure, flexibility, and budget-friendliness to your trip.

  1. Be Open to Shifting from Your Plan

Experienced road trippers understand that even the best-laid plans can change significantly throughout the journey (and that’s okay). You’ll likely encounter exciting opportunities on your trip, and it would be a shame to miss out on them because of a rigid schedule.

  1. Don’t Drive at Night

Driving during daylight is safer than at night. Try to reach your destination while it’s still light outside. Tired or under-the-influence drivers and reduced visibility increase the risk of accidents.

  1. Don’t Drive When You’re Tired

Driving while tired can be as dangerous, if not more, than driving under the influence. If you feel drowsy while driving, pull over to a safe location. Consider one of the following options to overcome fatigue:

  • Book a hotel or campsite nearby for a rest
  • Consume caffeine for a quick energy boost
  • Take a brief nap in a safe location
  • Switch driving duties to a more alert person.
  1. Leave Some Adventures for Next Time

Unfortunately, you may skip some must-see destinations during your next road trip. They’ll still be there for you to visit next time. Don’t worry; the focus should be on enjoying the journey.

12 Must-Have Road Trip Essentials + Personal Items

After the 10 essential tips and hacks, let’s start this list with 12 must-have long-road trip essentials!

Driver License & Vehicle Registration

Before packing anything else for your road trip, ensuring you have the necessary paperwork is crucial. Make sure you have the following:

  1. A valid driver’s license; if traveling abroad,
  2. Consider obtaining an international driver’s license, as some countries have different regulations.
  3. Your car registration as it serves as proof of vehicle ownership.

Travel & Car Insurance Policy

Most rental agencies offer insurance as an additional cost, but it is mandatory in the US and Canada.

Traveling without insurance can result in costly mistakes, so don’t make the same mistakes we did in the past.

Additionally, you may need to purchase travel and car insurance if traveling abroad. Verify if your car insurance policy covers personal injury or if your travel insurance policy covers damage resulting from a car accident.

We recommend World Nomads for travel insurance, as they can cover you both in the US and internationally.

Car Manual

Having the manual on hand is always a good idea, whether driving or renting. The manual contains information about the car’s maintenance schedule and safety features.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have for family road trips. It helps to alleviate minor aches and pains and ensures a comfortable journey. Essential items to include in the kit are:

  • Tylenol for pain and fever, 
  • Ibuprofen or Advil for pain and inflammation, 
  • Pepto Bismol for nausea and upset stomach, 
  • Imodium for diarrhea, 
  • Tums for heartburn, 
  • Benadryl for allergies, 
  • Polysporin for cuts and wounds, 
  • Bandages for protection and healing.

Since we do much hiking on road trips, we always bring Adventure Medical Kit; it’s super convenient for hiking-related injuries.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit

A roadside emergency kit is essential for any road trip and should include jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, road flares, washer fluid, and oils. This kit can come in various sizes and makes a great road trip gift. We always keep a roadside assistance kit from AAA in our car.

Alarm System & Remote Start

Protect your valuables during your road trip by installing a loud alarm system. Our recommendation is Viper 5906v. Our recommendation is Viper 5906v. It will provide security for your essentials and allow you to start your car, truck, or camper van remotely.

Spare Tire

Preparing for a flat tire on your road trip is crucial. The causes of a flat tire can vary, including wear and tear, poor road conditions, or heat.

Typically, cars come with a spare tire that can be found under the vehicle, attached to the back, or stored in the trunk. If you’re using a rental car, ask the rental agency where it’s located.

Spare Cash

It’s wise to have some backup cash with you on your road trip, as there may be situations where credit cards aren’t accepted and machines might be down.

Personal Items

  1. ID, Credit Card, Passport
  2. Smartphone
  3. Headphones

Camera, Batteries, Memory Cards, or GoPro

To truly capture the essence of your epic road trip, it’s advisable to invest in a quality digital camera instead of relying solely on cell phone photos. We’re big fans of Sony cameras, and we currently use a Sony a7 II mirrorless camera with a 28-70mm lens.

Get GoPro if you want to give a little spice to your adventure. We have used GoPro HERO11 Black for years, which is so cool.

Consider bringing an instant camera to have fun and capture unusual and quirky shots along the road.

Road Trip Essentials – Gadgets & Technology

High-Capacity Portable Power Bank

Bring a reliable power bank to ensure your devices are ready for your road trip. We recommend Anker PowerCore 26800mAh. It can charge an iPhone 8 up to seven times full.

Power Inverter

This versatile power inverter is one of those necessities for your road trip packing list, especially if you travel with kids.

Phone Charger / 4-Port Car Charger

Maximize charging efficiency for everyone in the vehicle by adding Amazon Basics 9.6A/48W to your road trip essentials list. It benefits groups of three or more people, ensuring all devices stay charged during the road trip. Bring extra long micro USB cables.

Magnetic Phone Mount

A phone mount is a crucial component of any road trip. Our top pick is NeckTeck Universal! Our top pick is NeckTeck Universal! It is both minimal and dependable.

Wifi Hotspot

A reliable wifi hotspot such as Solis Hotspot is the ultimate must-have for a road trip, especially if you plan to stream music or videos or need to access maps and other information while on the road. It allows you to connect up to 10 devices.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker like Charge 4 is a must-have for any road trip, whether you’re jamming out at a campsite or creating a cozy atmosphere in your hotel room.

PRO TIP regarding electronics: This tip will sound weird to someone but ensure to pack a bag of rice!!! It is a proven game-changer and will save your electronics from humidity.

Road Trip Essentials – Navigation & Apps

Google Maps + My Maps

Google Maps is a fantastic tool for planning and navigating your road trip. You can use it to plan your route, find overnight accommodations, and avoid traffic. It’s important to remember to download the map offline in the mobile app before hitting the road.

Google My Maps is our favorite road trip planning tool. Google allows you to create custom Google Maps and plot all your points of interest on one map.


An excellent resource for finding free campsites in national forests and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. The information on the website is provided by users and includes camping spot locations and reviews, making it easy to plan your camping itinerary.

Yelp App

Search for local restaurants and read reviews to find the perfect dinner spot. Anja and I love reading through Yelp reviews for dish recommendations too! If you’re looking to dine out while cruising the roads, Yelp is your best friend.

Waze App

Waze is a must-have app for road trippers who may sometimes unintentionally exceed speed limits. Users can post information such as obstacles in the road, traffic slowdowns, and even speed trap locations.

Premium National Parks Maps

If you’re a National Parks enthusiast, what better way to mark your travels than with a premium National Parks checklist map? Printed on high-quality stock, this map has various options, including framing. You or someone you know might love it too.

Physical Map – United States Atlas

National Geographic Adventure Edition provides a comprehensive view of your surroundings without relying on technology. Plan your US, Canada, or Mexico trip with this detailed adventure-focused atlas, or opt for a specific atlas if traveling in Europe.

Additional Helpful Resources

RoadTrippers – Extremely detailed trip planner to build your dream itinerary

Hipcamp – Connects users with private landowners who offer camping on their property.

Booking.com – Our favorite website for booking affordable hotels, hostels & homestays

Couchsurfing – Budget-friendly lodging option where hosts offer up a free place to stay

RentalCars – Puts users in touch with car rental agencies worldwide.

GasBuddy – Helps users find the most affordable gas prices within a certain radius.

WorldNomads – Widely-trusted travel insurance popular among backpackers

Road Trip Car Essentials

Car Jack Kit

​​Staying with flat tires is never part of the plan, but it can happen. The proper equipment can help you change your tire safely without needing costly roadside assistance. We use Big Red Scissor Lift.

Car Fluids

Extra car fluids, such as oil, coolant, or wiper fluid, are wise for those driving an older vehicle. Before taking a road trip, check and top up all necessary fluids for a smoother journey.

Emergency Car Kit

A well-stocked roadside emergency kit is a must-have for any road trip. It should include items such as jumper cables, tire pressure gauges, road flares, washer fluid, and oils to address common issues you may encounter on the road. This emergency kit can also make an excellent gift for road trippers.

Versatile Tool Set

The proper tools can make all the difference during a breakdown or equipment failure while on a road trip. A set of versatile tools, such as the DEKOPRO 196-Piece Kit, will enable you to tackle minor repairs and ensure a safe return to your journey.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a must-have item on your road trip packing list. It’s a simple yet effective solution for those unexpected road trip emergencies. You can use it for various purposes, such as sealing a leaky hose, patching a tear in your tent, or even fixing a broken pair of sunglasses.

Gallon Gas Container

Avoid the frustration of running out of gas unexpectedly, buy a gallon gas container before your trip, and enjoy peace of mind with a backup fuel source.

Power Bank Jumper Kit

If your car battery dies, you can put a damper on your family road trip. The NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt is a high-capacity power bank that can help you jump-start your car battery and vehicle. It has additional features such as a flashlight, compass, and multiple USB charging ports.

12-Volt Air Compressor

A Fortem Digital Tire Inflator can be a lifesaver during a road trip. It can fill a tire with a slow leak and adjust pressure for off-roading. It’s a quick, safe, and efficient solution to tire maintenance.

Windshield Chip Repair Kit

Windshield chips can ruin the long car ride experience and be costly if left unattended. A cost-effective RainX DIY Kit can help fill chips and cracks with a fast-drying resin, preventing them from expanding and damaging the windshield.

Road Trip Essentials – Sleeping & Camping

Lightweight Tent

Your road trip journey can lead you to excellent camping spots; when you reach them, a high-quality tent will provide you with a cozy and comfortable place to sleep. We primarily use the REI Half Dome 2 Plus when it’s just us or the Half Dome 4 for camping with three or more individuals.

Packable Sleeping Bags

We’re big fans of packing light when it comes to road trips. If you are looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly sleeping option for camping, the Hyke and Byke Eulos sleeping bag is a great option to consider. It is lightweight and easy to carry during your road trip. Additionally, it is a fraction of the cost compared to other premium sleeping bags on the market.

Lightweight Sleeping Pads

A comfortable sleeping pad is necessary to provide cushioning from the ground for a good night’s sleep in your tent. I was impressed with Sleepingo Ultralight as it offers comfort, easily packs to the size of a Nalgene bottle, and inflates and deflates rapidly.

Travel Pillow

A comfortable pillow like the Casper Nap Pillow can make a big difference during a long car ride, helping you to get some rest and recharge for the journey ahead.

Cozy Blanket

A versatile and cozy blanket is highly appreciated for any road trip. Whether it’s for napping, picnicking, or providing extra warmth in case of unexpected events, a comfortable blanket will keep you happy and content.

Headlamp & Flashlight

If you are driving at night or camping – bring a flashlight. A regular flashlight will do the job, but we prefer a Petzl Tikkina Headlamp for its versatility and hands-off approach.

Solar Powered Lamp

You’ll want solar-powered light for camping. It harnesses the sun’s energy and doesn’t require pesky battery or light bulb changes.

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Road Trip Essentials – Organization

Rooftop Cargo Storage

If you find that there’s not enough space inside the car to bring all your gear, you can easily create more space by mounting a Yakima Skybox on the roof of your vehicle. It will allow you to get all your precious gear without leaving anything behind.

Trunk Organizer Tote

Avoid the clutter and chaos in your trunk during road trips by organizing your gear with a helpful Car Trunk Organizer. Keep all your gadgets, accessories, and other essentials in place.

Car Seat Organizer

This car seat cooler and organizer is a cost-effective and practical solution for keeping your kids entertained on the road trip.

Car Seat Headrest Hook

Free up seat space and foot room with these convenient hooks that attach to the back of the headrests. They’ll keep bags, lunchboxes, backpacks, and more out of the way but still easily accessible.

Car Ceiling Cargo Net Pocket

If you need to save space, consider buying a sleek cargo net that adds more packable space to your car’s ceiling. Use it to store pillows, blankets, food, and more.

Car Trash Bin

Keep your car clean and organized with this hanging trash bin with a 1.85-gallon capacity and leak-proof interior load.

Road Trip Essentials – Clothing

Our tip is to pack lightweight, versatile clothes that feel comfortable and require minimal maintenance.

Rain Jacket

We don’t travel without a rain jacket! The REI XeroDry rain jacket is an excellent option to add to your road trip essentials, offering both protection from the rain and affordability for budget-conscious travelers.

Packable Down Jacket

For non-summer travels, consider packing a compactable down jacket. They are perfect for mild weather in fall and spring and can even be helpful in winter in some locations. During the summer, it’s wise to bring a fleece or sweater for nighttime warmth.

From our 10-year-long outdoor experience, we learn that it’s wise to invest a good amount into the jacket because it will last for a long time. My top pick is Arc’teryx Cerium Down Hoodie Jacket. It’s pricy, but it’s well worth it.

Comfortable & Rain Pants

If you ask Anja, leggings are the epitome of comfort when traveling. Regarding a long road trip, comfort takes precedence over style every time. Meanwhile, when hitting the road, I find the ultimate comfort in prAna’s Vaha Pants. The Summit Pants offer women the same level of comfort as the Vaha.

Running Shoes

It’s always wise to include running shoes on your road trip checklist. We’re big fans of the Salomon brand. Not only do they provide comfort for outdoor activities like city exploration or hiking, but they are also suitable for driving. I own Salomon Speedcross 6 Trail, and Anja has Salomon Sense Ride GORE-TEX, and we would never go for another brand.

Slip-Resistant Sandals

Remember to pack a reliable pair of sandals for a well-rounded road trip outfit. The Montbell Aqua Grippers are a top pick, offering a lightweight and versatile option that can handle a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking to watersports.

Flip Flops

Lightweight and easy to wear, flip-flops are the ideal footwear for warm-weather camping. The Chaco brand offers durable flip-flops and sandals that will last for years without any blowouts or broken soles, making them the best choice in our experience.

Wool Socks

When looking for socks, opt for merino wool, as they provide warmth and comfort while also being breathable and quick-drying. REI offers high-quality and affordable merino wool socks that are perfect for hiking and outdoor activities.

These two clothing brands that Anja and I trust have worked wonders for us on our road trips!

  • prAna – We love them for their sustainable clothing options that are both stylish and affordable. They have everything from functional hiking gear to comfortable sweats, stylish jeans, sophisticated dresses, and dress shirts.
  • Unbound Merino is another fantastic clothing brand for men and women specializing in all things Merino wool. This material is famous for its anti-bacterial and temperature regulation qualities, making it perfect for road trips, travel, or short getaways.

By the way, check out our super helpful tips and advice on what to wear while camping; we’re sure you will find some helpful stuff for your next road trip!

Road Trip Essentials – Luggage & Packing


A 4Monster 24-Liter packable travel backpack is a must-have for any day hike. The 24-liter, waterproof backpack can hold all your road trip necessities, including gear and snacks, and can be compacted to the size of a soda can for easy storage.

Backpack Picnic Kit

The Sunflora 4-Person comprehensive picnic set makes dining on your road trip an elegant experience. It includes everything you need for a stylish outdoor meal, such as four-person tableware, a cozy blanket, a cutting board, a corkscrew, insulated food and drink compartment, and salt and pepper shakers.

Here are a few more of our favorite bags to include in the long road trip essentials list:

  • Samsonite Carry-On Size Suitcase (we use this one as our bag)
  • Osprey Aura Outdoor Backpacking Pack
  • Lo & Sons Weekender Bag
  • Osprey Fairview Travel Backpack

Road Trip Essentials – Toiletries, Health & Hygiene

Road trip toiletries are an essential part of any road trip packing list. Keeping a basic set of hygiene products will help you stay refreshed and comfortable throughout your USA road trip, especially when you don’t have access to modern restrooms.

A few road trip essentials to consider include:

  • toothbrushes, toothpaste,
  • biodegradable wet wipes, 
  • toilet paper, 
  • hand sanitizer, 
  • shampoo, and conditioner.

Packaging any necessary prescription medications, painkillers, and anti-inflammatory medications is also good.

Remember the bug spray and handy travel towel.

We pack everything in the Peak Design Wash Pouch toiletry bag. If you ask us, it’s a top pick for a durable and stylish solution to carry your daily essentials. This bag is built to last. We have used it for years, and it’s as great as the first day.

Portable Pressure Camp Shower – For a clean and refreshing camping experience, a portable shower is one of those road trip must-haves. We recommend our favorite Nemo Helio.

Water Filter – Safely purifying natural water while camping can save money, time, and resources. We suggest using the LifeStraw Flex filter system to treat water from lakes and rivers conveniently.

Insect Repellent – Having insect repellent on hand is a must for any outdoor activity, whether a quick hike or an extended camping trip.

Road Trip Essentials – Kitchen & Cooking

Yeti Cooler Bag / 12-Volt Fridge/Freezer

A cooler is one of the road trip must-haves. Maintaining fresh food and chilly beverages is essential during long drives. The 12V refrigerator/freezer combination will do just that. It connects to your car’s cigarette lighter and draws power when the engine runs, rapidly cooling its contents while being incredibly efficient.

On the other hand, we use YETI’s Hopper Flip 8. It is large enough for eight cold drinks/cans but small enough to throw around your arm for a pull-off picnic or spontaneous hike.

Powerful Travel Stove

Suppose you want the flexibility to prepare meals on a road trip; the Camp Chef Ranger II Table Top Stove is the solution. This powerful stove can be connected to a standard 5-gallon propane tank or used with smaller one-pound camping canisters using an adapter.

Portable Espresso Maker

One of the most important road trip essentials if you ask Anja! You will bring the taste of café to the road with this handheld espresso maker.

Reusable Utensils

Say goodbye to disposable plastic utensils and opt for reusable ones instead. Bamboo utensils are a great choice as they are lightweight, biodegradable, and can be used repeatedly.

Folding Table & Chairs

A compact folding table and chair set will make your road trip more comfortable and convenient. Whether you plan to cook meals or want a comfortable space for playing cards or eating takeout, this REDCAMP 3/4/6 Foot (weighing only 2.5 pounds) is an excellent choice.

Rapid Water Boiling Stove

The Jetboil Flash is another road trip essential for those who need boiling water. This lightweight camping stove will allow you to make great tea, coffee, instant meals, and more on the go.

PRO TIP: Include a lighter to your road trip essentials!

Road Trip Packing List – Food & Drink

Snacks – High-fiber and high-protein snacks, such as apples, bananas, cereal bars, and trail mix, are recommended to maintain energy during inactivity. Make sure to check our blog post on the best camping snacks. You will find some healthy options.

Coffee Thermos – ​​We own a 32 oz Hydro Flask that kept ice for over three days before finally melting, proving its superior insulation capabilities. This efficient bottle can retain the temperature for days, making it a must-have for longer road trips.

Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated during long car rides is essential. Pack a lightweight, reusable water bottle like a Nalgene Wide Mouth to promote a healthier lifestyle and the environment.

Bringing a SteriPen on your road trip is smart if you are in an area with questionable tap water. This device uses UV rays to eliminate 99.99% of protozoa, bacteria, and viruses, making it an excellent option for purifying water from rivers, lakes, and taps.

Check out our breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to find inspiration for your road trip and camping meals!

Road Trip Essentials – Entertainment

Car Games – Add some fun and excitement to your road trip with car games.

Book or Kindle – Anja can’t read in a moving car; however, if you don’t get motion sickness as she does, then definitely pick up a few books for the road trip. Or a Kindle is a great way to access books easily and save on space and weight.

Spotify Playlist – Download your favorite songs from Spotify ahead of time to avoid connectivity issues. We like to add a local flavor by including music from the region we visit.

Audiobooks & Podcasts – Audiobooks and your favorite road trip podcast are fantastic ways to pass the time on a road trip. Just make sure to download some episodes before you leave so you’re prepared when you don’t have a strong internet connection on the road.

Frisbee – Great addition to a road trip packing list as they provide a fun and active way to enjoy the outdoors.

Cornhole Toss Game Set – The portable and lightweight GoSports Portable PVC Set, made of PVC and high-quality fabric, can provide great entertainment and fun during your road trip.

Inflatable Kayak – Bring the adventure on your road trip by packing a portable and sturdy Explorer K2 Kayak. Remember always to stay safe and bring life jackets.

Road Trip Essentials For Kids

Car Seat – A car seat is a road trip essential for safety. Make sure to have the car seat installed before you hit the road.

Bottle Warmer – A travel baby bottle warmer like Philips Avent fits perfectly in the cupholder. This is one of those favorite road trip essentials for all mommies.

Baby Bag – Our friends told us a few months ago how satisfied they are with Diaper Bag Backpack, so we’re sure you’ll be too.

Playing Cards & Games for Kids – On every road trip essentials list should be a deck of playing cards. A great one is the game of UNO for the kids who need road trip games to keep them occupied.

Coloring Books – Get some colored pencils and coloring books for the kids and check out a few of these adult coloring books if you’re an adult.

Volume-Controlled Headphones – These JBL Headphones for Kids, priced at just $25, are an excellent choice for families on a road trip. With a maximum volume of 85 decibels, they are designed to safeguard your child’s hearing.

Affordable Tablets – Prevent boredom during long car rides by equipping your kids with an Amazon Fire HD 10 filled with entertaining games, apps, movies, and children’s shows.

Comforting Road Trip Must-Haves

Travel Hammock – Anja and I always carry our DoubleNest Hammocks, so we can sway in the breeze at will (so long as there are two trees and a nice view).

Camping Chairs – For a successful car camping experience, it’s essential to have a comfortable chair. Invest in MOON LENCE Camping Chair that folds into a compact carrying case and offers unbeatable comfort.

Travel Rumphl Throw – We have the Ocean Fade, a 52-by-75-inch insulated comforter that is lightweight, washable, and super cozy.

Car Window Shade – Protect your children (and yourself) from the sun’s rays with a set of Enovoe 4 Pack.

Summer Road Trip Essentials

  • Hat(s)
  • Sunglasses – Look for sunglasses with UV protection for your eye health, and consider investing in a quality pair for a better experience. The SMITH Optics Lowdown 2 is a popular and highly-regarded option, although many more affordable options are available.
  • Sunscreen

Winter Road Trip Essentials

  • Tire Chains
  • Snow Shovel
  • Ice Scraper

Extra tip: Run the defrosters briefly before scraping the ice off.

What Not to Take on a Road Trip

Now that you know what you should bring on a road trip, here are a few things to leave at home:

  • Fancy meals with lots of prep
  • Complex makeup, skincare, or hair products – keep it simple!
  • Lovely jewelry and other valuables

What’s Next?

As you embark on your upcoming road trip, you must have a list of road trip essentials to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. This blog post aimed to provide helpful tips and advice on what items to bring.

However, pay attention to the basics, such as your phone, wallet, insurance, and keys. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and download the FREE PDF Road Trip Checklist.

To dominate your adventure, check out our super detailed car camping checklist; you will find some additional helpful resources there.

What do you think about this article? Feel free to write your thoughts, experience, and some fun stories in the comments. We would like to hear from you! Thank you

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